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to celebrate beauty.

to celebrate beauty.

Our ART COLLECTION candles from the AIR de PARFUM line, are inspired by world-renowned works of art to celebrate beauty and bring it to every home.

Here are the artists who fascinated and inspired us for our first collection of ART COLLECTION candles:
--> Mondrian: for the perfect balance and perfection of primary colours;
--> Kandinsky: the founder of abstract painting;
--> Munch: one of the major players of the symbolism movement;
--> Klimt: for precious and refined painting, bordering on abstract art.

While these candles are a marvel to look at, their scent is even more captivating. An exhilarating bouquet of rose and lily of the valley that embraces notes of iris and musk.
These candles boast extreme attention to detail, from the design and choice of wick to the use of RSPO-certified natural wax, thanks to the use of palm oil derived from plantations managed in accordance with social and environmental sustainability criteria.

The biggest problems we faced in developing this project?
Managing various graphic elements was certainly an obstacle that we had to analyse and overcome. Reproducing a selection of various works of art certainly sparked lively conversations within the RELEVI product development team.

Dear colleagues and friends of RELEVI, perhaps the works of art that didn’t make it into this collection will find a place in the next one!


The perfect balance and perfection of primary colours (red, yellow, blue).


Squares with Concentric Circles The artist experiments and transfers mood and new emotions into these geometric shapes.

Klimt - The Kiss

Amongst abstract surroundings, two lovers embrace each other and envelop themselves in an intense kiss.

Munch - The Scream

An effective and symbolic synthesis, it became an icon of human, personal and collective suffering.


Yellow-Red-Blue Colour is creativity and you can choose the one that suits you best and excites you the most.

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