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For over 60 years, RELEVI has been developing innovative, 
high-quality home care products.
Our history of entrepreneurial spirit, passion, innovation and quality
has recently been enriched by two new chapters: 
ecological sustainability and managerial skill.


Vincenzo Federici realised that there was a gap in the market for mothballs and decided to start producing them, setting up a small laboratory in Gazoldo degli Ippoliti. He called it Re.Le.Vi., to stand for Remo, Leandro and Vincenzo, the three Federici brothers.


Their business started growing and they needed more space, so they moved to the current location in Rodigo. A few years later, RELEVI became one of the first companies to be certified for the production of biocides in Italy.


The company started to produce and sell toilet and air fresheners.


The first presses for injection moulding were installed directly on the production line. One year later, the first automated line was set up to produce deodorising gel using an ultrasound system to seal the containers.


A new, fully-automated warehouse was set up for finished products. A few years later, the private equity fund PM & Partners acquired RELEVI and the company entered a new phase, evolving from a mere business to a managerial entity.


RELEVI obtained the IFS quality certification.


RELEVI obtained the RSPO certification for their candles and solid toilet fresheners supply chain.
The mission to use recycled polypropylene in production got underway. The following year, RELEVI became the first company in Europe to obtain the ECOCERT certification for their multi-element toilet fresheners.


A new plant entered into operation for the production of surfactants, a key raw material in solid detergents, and covered the entire needs of the business.
The "Green RELEVI" project was launched, outlining an ecological sustainability programme for the business.


A new cogeneration plant entered into operation.
A patent application was submitted for three new, very innovative eco-sustainable products.


RELEVI was acquired by the Spanish private equity fund ProA Capital. The clear objective was to ramp up various elements of the company’s production to expand the market leadership they had already acquired into new product sectors and geographic areas.

Chemical industry
Home hygiene and deodorization products

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