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SPLUFF: the innovative sanitising toilet freshener

SPLUFF: the innovative sanitising toilet freshener

Impressed by the colours and scents we have on offer? Well, we’ve got something else that might impress you even more!
If you saw the machinery RELEVI uses to make solid toilet detergents, the high level of automation would definitely make your jaw drop. The production process is highly automated, starting with injection moulding integrated into the production line through to in-house surfactant production, the main ingredient in toilet cleaners. Everything is automated, including the processes involved in packaging and palleting.
Automation and integration make it possible for the production cycle to be monitored on a constant basis and the ensuing impacts can be seen in every single aspect of this innovative product. High-quality standards are a key element in production.

Our SPLUFF range is growing and now includes the new fragrance BOUQUET: special floral notes combine with an active mousse that cleans, neutralises odours and prevents limescale.

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